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Submitted on
June 5, 2010


To save space on my front page, I will put all of my to do projects that involve other members here. Projects that involve my own creations (like my comics or Ecco) will be posted on my front page. Everything is ordered with oldest job on top and latest job additions close to the bottom.

Last Update: Sept 23, 2012


This is a list of commission requests that have been paid in full and now waiting to be completed.
If you're interested in commissioning me, check out my prices and junk here…

Normal Commissions
-> Silver, Mephiles, and Rob 'O the Hedge comic - 0%
-> Rob 'O the Hedge x Silver - 0%
-> Rob 'O the Deliciously Tortured - 0%
:iconmariarobotnik93: I FORGOT WHAT IT WAS *sobs* - 0%
:iconsonicangel948: Mpreg Vector x Espio - 0%
:iconiluvsonicthehedgehog: Two Fanchars kissing eachother - 0%

Sonic x Every Foe Commission Challenge
Click… for info!

-> Sonic x Erazor Djinn (Mature) - 0%
-> Sonic x Dark Gaia (Mature) - 30% sketch
-> Sonic x Merlina the Dark - 20% sketch
-> Sonic x The Black Knight (Mature) - 20% Sketch
-> Sonic x Black Doom - 0%
-> Sonic x Mephiles - 0%
:iconsilverxv: Sonic x Robo/Silver Sonic (General) - 0%
:iconsatisticyaoi:  Sonic x Biolizard (General) - 0%
:iconrooteh: Sonic x Shadow (General/Traditional) - 0%
->Sonic x Knuckles (Mature) - 0%
->Sonic x Fang the Sniper (Mature) - 0%
->Sonic x Metal Sonic (Mature) - 0%
->Sonic x Silver (Mature) - 0%
->Sonic x Sir Lancelot - 0%
->Sonic x Sir Gawain - 0%



If Art Trades are opened and you're interested in trading with me, go to… to see if you meet my high requirements =P

Those who did not completed their sides are not listed.

:iconsoshasil12: Sonic and the Black Knight Training Camp - 0%
:iconleenazenyo: Nepeta x Gamzee  - 0%
:iconashuras2000: Kanna x Zackiel (hugging) - 0%
:iconsuper-klonoa: Sexy Klonoa by a tree - 0%



Prizes are not the same as free requests. All of these awesome people have earned in some way their prizes.
Expect a ton of 0% for a while though >_>;

:icondapuffster: Tails x Amy - 10% Sketch
:iconleenazenyo: Cosmo x Shadow - 0%
:iconchibi-jen-hen: Emerald x Espio - 0%
:iconadvidauthor: Tails x Cosmo - 0%
:iconschistslag: Schist x Slag x Vase - 0%
->Elias x Antoine - 0%
->Scourge x Jet - 0%
:icondeserbra: Marianna - 0%
:iconaelfric-maundrell: Thanatos x Erebos - 0%
:iconbabs737: Knuckles x Gina - 0%
:iconblurbird: Skye and Domino - 0%
:iconsendoki: Mystery prize - 0%
:iconwhybother1217: Mpreg Shadow with Sonic - 0%
:iconbluc: Jet x Silver - 0%
:iconruby-xv: Sonic x Tails - 0%

If I'm missing anyone, let me know!
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Long list is long....hope you get this stuff complete,And where'd you get the mew cursor,I like it.
It came with the journal.
karinathehedgehog Mar 23, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey SEGAmew! I know I had messaged you before about my commission, but I can see you do have a lot to do. D; I'm able to wait though since I can understand there's a lot you've been going through and a lot of things have been piling up for you. I just wish the best of luck to ya. =)
I know my lisy of commissions isn't the most updated thing in the world.... what did you commissioned me to do? D:
karinathehedgehog Mar 23, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's completely fine! D: Just take your time with things, and I just commissioned to have a picture of Sonic acting seme towards Shadow, while Shadow looks confused/flustered. XD;
Oh, were you the one who sent the commission payment via cash through snail mail? =X
karinathehedgehog Mar 23, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes. ^^ I remember you saying you received it.
Oh right XD Was the image like... in color or something? <__>;
karinathehedgehog Mar 23, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not exactly sure what all I wrote on it. XD;; Though I might have. I do recall writing a little thank you note, and it might have been in color.
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